Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Engagement // Lindsay + Matt

Where do I even begin?  When Lindsay told me that there was a chance we might be able to do their engagement shoot at the abandoned hospital complex at the Brooklyn Navy Yard I was immediately intrigued.  I love Brooklyn and I love history so doing an engagement shoot and having a history lesson all in one is my dream come true.  Lindsay worked on saving this part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard so in the end we were able to access to it for their engagement shoot and to say I asked a few questions would be an understatement.  She knows everything and was happy to tell me about each space we saw: the abandoned hospital, nurses stations, infectious disease houses (?!), tennis courts and the chief surgeon's house.  Everything is overgrown and a little eerie, but we all agreed to look past that (and the downpour of snow) for this special shoot.  It was definitely a day I'll never forget.

Congratulations Lindsay + Matt!

On a side note, I promise that I do sometimes shoot when it's sunny out... 

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