Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Featured // Brooklyn Bride

Sarah + Sam's gorgeous wedding is featured today on Brooklyn Bride and I wanted to share a few more words about it.   At our initial meeting Sarah told me that her grandparents had first met at the Brooklyn Navy Yard so the location was really special to them.  I was hooked on their story and had to share.  Here's Sarah's take on their wedding:

For being the most indecisive person around, saying yes when Sam proposed was the easiest decision I've ever made.  Wedding planning was not as easy.  We wanted our wedding to feel like a fancy backyard dinner party but we were both very particular about the venue.  We wanted something that didn't feel staged for a wedding.  We had been living in Brooklyn for over three years and I have strong family ties to the naval yard.  So since we weren't planning on getting married in my hometown, the Brooklyn Navy Yard would still provide some family history.  BLDG92 was actually the first place we looked but it wasn't open yet so we kept looking...for months. Right as we were about to push the wedding back to the following summer/fall when we checked the BLDG92 website again and it was finally open!  Once we found out our favorite neighborhood restaurant had a cafe at the museum and would handle the event, the rest came together very quickly.

My grandparents, Frank and Mary C. Miller met during WWII at the BNY in 1945.  Frank Miller, a Chief Petty Officer, had just returned from a supply trip to Africa and rather than take the allowed R&R time, (this was wartime), went to put his papers in requesting assignment to the next ship going out. On the way out of the Admiral’s office, he saw Mary Belcastro in the typing pool and immediately went back and took his papers off the desk.  75 days later, after a whirlwind courtship, Frank and Mary C. Miller were married and shared 56 years of happiness.

It was amazing to be married where my grandparent's life together began and to have my 92 year old grandmother as the guest of honor.  If Sam and I can have half of the good times my grandparents shared, I'd consider us pretty fortunate.

Isn't that amazing?  Thank you, Sarah, for sharing and congratulations to you both!


  1. Congrats Isabelle! What a cool place to shoot a wedding. And what a sweet story... so meaningful. Thanks for sharing.

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