Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding // Natalie + David

Natalie + David got married on a gorgeous day in July at the Grecian Shelter in Prospect Park.  It was such a beautiful ceremony, officiated over by David's father, and the bride and groom looked stunning! They also picked up a few extra guests along the way as nearby birthday parties and soccer matches came over to see what was happening.  A real park wedding!  Everyone cheered as they kissed (a few kids said "eww!") and the whole thing made me really happy to be in Brooklyn.  After the ceremony everyone headed to one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn, Frankie's Spuntino 457, for a delicious meal with lots of hugs and well wishes all around.    

Congratulations Natalie + David! 


  1. So beautiful! This makes me want to get married again! :)

  2. these images are absolutely beautiful! what a perfect couple!
    xo TJ