Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year in Review

2015, what a year you've been. What a crazy year you've been. Each new year that creeps up on me (and they always do) I start to think of all the profound words I could use to describe the past year and the one I look forward to ahead, but this time I'll skip ahead and say it was truly one of the most unusual, magical and fulfilling of them all. For starters my dear son, Forrest, was born in September and having a new baby turns your life around in a second. It's not just the feelings of love and adoration, it's also the lack of sleep and wrapping your head around taking care of this tiny creature day and night and attempting to get out a decent thought. Just wait. You'll see as this post progresses and I forget the meaning of certain words. In addition to having our world flipped upside down by the birth of a child, my husband and I have also been trading time between our beloved Brooklyn and Nashville this year. It's taken some getting used to, but we were up for an adventure and that is what 2015 brought. Next year, I wouldn't mind taking it a tiny bit easier! Hear me, 2016?

I love that the end of the year really brings on a time for reflection.   Reflecting on the work I've done, the people I've met and the stories that have been told.  What a great one this has been in all aspects.  My "wedding year" began in Hawaii and ended in Charleston with stops to NYC, New Hampshire and San Francisco in between.   I had my work featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and Style Me Pretty and I arrived to one wedding by boat.  I'd say a pretty banner year.

I want to thank each and everyone of the beautiful couples who I worked with this year for trusting me with their stories.  It's truly an honor.  You all are amazing and let's conclude this with a big old CHEERS for the new year.

xo Isabelle

 I couldn't leave out little Forrest! 

 Something a little new!  Here are some of my favorite vendors and venues from the past year:

Viva Max Weddings
Jove Meyers Events
Honey and Vine Events
Jeanne at Hudson Valley Ceremonies

Green Building and 501 Union
The Greenpoint Loft
Morris-Jumel Mansion
The Musket Room
Basilica Hudson
ici Restaurant
26 Bridge
Montauk Yacht Club
Triple S Ranch (California)
Roundhouse at Beacon Falls

Violet and Verde

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