Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valley of Fire State Park

While we were staying at the MGM our view was of the beautiful desert landscape instead of the crazy illuminated Strip so naturally we were eager to get out and explore. I had never been in the desert before so it was especially fun for me when I rented a car and drove up with fellow roomies, Lauren and Kate, to the Valley of Fire State Park. It was, indeed, awesome. I can't wait until the next WPPI when we can get back to that beautiful (and crazy*) landscape.
*Do you see what I see? Snow covered mountains, bright red rocks and the tiny cactus desert? Gorgeous! Oh, and so is Lauren, right?!


  1. Not to contradict you on your own blog but you *have* been through the desert as a lil'un. You were maybe to small to remember much, but we drove through the Badlands, for instance, on our way moving to Everett, Wa. We were also in Arizona, apparently, but even I only remember from that that we had to shake our shoes out before putting them on in case of scorpions!

    Either way - Lauren's workin' the purple sequins and tumbleweeds! (and is that a mini telescope on her neck? I've been wondering the WHOLE TIME!)

  2. I don't count the Badlands - we were pretty North! This is NEVADA desert. Ok, ok. I have no recollection of this Arizona trip. I'm asking mom.

  3. nice work, selby. i love the deep depth of field feet photo. also would like to see what you can do with a real model. :) that's the fiercest face i've ever made in the first photo.

  4. incredible venue for a photo shoot!

  5. just found your blog - your photos are gorgeous!


  6. thanks, christine and lenore! xo